*New* Supervisor-Led Advanced Quantitative Methods and  ESRC Data Sets Studentship Competition

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is delighted to announce the availability of up to 11 new Social Science studentships to be funded under the ESRC’s steers of ADVANCED quantitative methods (AQM) and the use of  ESRC Data Sets (DS).

We seek applications for proposals from supervisors for studentships that meet the criteria for AQM/ESRC Data Set awards as set out in the following Guidance on Steers and Targets.

The lead supervisor must be a member of an HEI in Scotland that is accredited to hold studentships within their disciplinary pathway and must have undergone supervisor training within their institution within the last 5 years. Second supervisors may be social scientists within any of the SGSSS’s 16 partner HEIs. Where a successful proposal involves cross-institutional supervision then it is expected that the DTP will provide funding to the lead institution with secondary funding arrangements established with the other institution (a 70/30 model is commonly deployed).

Applicants should clearly indicate how they plan to advertise and recruit a student to carry out the studentship. Successful applicants should be in place to begin a +3 or 1+3 studentship by October 2018.

Please note that applicants from Economics are not eligible to apply for the AQM competition.

Deadline for applications – 14th of December  2017.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the end of January 2018

The application form is available for download here.

Further guidelines can be found here. 

Last updated 27 Oct 2017 5:12pm