*New Industry Strategy Supervisor-Led Studentship Competition

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is delighted to announce the availability of up to 4 new studentships to be funded under the ESRC’s contribution to meeting the UK Government’s Industry Strategy.

Students must be able to commence in October 2017 and may apply for a 1+3 or a +3 award.  Under this call the ESRC are allowing a waiver of residential eligibility criteria for up to 50% of awards made.  The closing date for applications is 13th July 2017 (further information on the SGSSS website).

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science has recently been awarded additional studentships that align with the UK Government’s Industry Strategy.  We are now looking to fill up to 4 studentships as follows:

  • One AQM studentship and one ESRC data-set studentship: these studentships must meet the criteria set out in the following Guidance on Steers and Targets. There are no further additional topic related requirements for these 2 awards.
  • Up to two studentships thematically aligned with the Industry Strategy (further guidance on themes can be found in the following documentation: Allocation of Additional Studentships and ESRC Guidance on research helping industry. As well as specifying how the proposal fits thematically with the Industry Strategy, these proposals must demonstrate how industry partners will be engaged throughout the research process from the identification of the research question through to knowledge exchange and impact.

We seek applications for proposals from supervisors for studentships (either +3 or 1+3) with named students. Students MUST be in a position to start in October 2017 but may be EU/International students (the ESRC will pay for full fees and stipends for 50% of applicants successful under this scheme). The first supervisor for each studentship must be a member of an HEI in Scotland that is accredited to hold studentships within their disciplinary pathway.

Proposals from academics across the SGSSS-DTP accredited pathways are welcome. Lead supervisors must be employed at an institution that has that pathway recognised in the SGSSS-DTP but second supervisors may be social scientists employed at any of the 16 institutions in Scotland.  Funding is provided by the DTP to the lead institution and then secondary funding arrangements / reimbursement would need to be made by that institution if there was a joint supervision arrangement with another institution (this is taking place currently with a 70/30 split of fees). Please contact Professor Mhairi Mackenzie if you would like to discuss the details of joint supervision further.

Deadline for applications – 13th July 2017

The application form is available for download here.

The Industry Strategy Studentships Scoring Template is available for download here.

Industry Strategy Studentships FAQ's here.

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