The Student-Led Training Fund is a new SGSSS initiative. It will be launched in May 2018.

As well as allowing students to lead on deciding what events they would most value, student-organisers will gain leadership & management skills. As there is a full calendar of training opportunities, we expect this fund to be used to host invited speakers/develop Masterclass training. However, we welcome students’ ideas beyond this.

We expect student(s) to lead on the applications, but we will also require a signature from your Dean of Graduate Studies, to ensure you have institutional support.

There is an annual budget of £5,000. This is to cover the cost (travel, a local hotel) of an invited speaker. It is likely that individual applications to the fund will not exceed £500. The SGSSS will reimburse student travel where the event is 50+ miles from their home institution from our own funds.  

The competition for 2017/18 events is now closed.

We will launch this competition in May 2018 (deadlines to be finalised), with events able to happen between August 2019-July 2019 (inclusive).

Last updated 25 Jan 2018 3:09pm