Details of the 2018 Hub Festivals can be found on the following pages:

Economies, Mind, and Technologies
August 27th

People and Place
September 4th-5th

Society and Welfare
September 5th-6th

What is a Hub Festival?

Much of our training emphasises methods, but these are not the only forms of learning that PhD students need. The Hub Festivals are designed to offer an opportunity to critically consider the ontological position of your discipline, and to consider how or if this differs from similar, but different disciplinary approaches. The Festivals offer space to intellectualise questions of disciplinary boundaries, and so consider the value and limitations of interdisciplinary working.

Taking place over two days, the Festivals collect together academic staff and students to explore the contribution of their disciplinary areas. The Hub Festivals are not methods focused, rather they aim to exercise your intellectual curiosity. 

SGSSS hosts 3 festivals each year, each hosted by one of our ‘Hubs’. The Festivals take place in late August or early September. Students interested in attending are encouraged to attend the one most aligned to their disciplinary ‘home’ but could choose to go to a different hub. 

What is a Hub?

Hubs are thematically aligned disciplines. We use the language of ‘pathways’ in our studentship competitions to describe these disciplinary streams, and we collect the 15 pathways into 3 broader groups, which we call Hubs. By collecting pathways together in this way, we can offer richer training opportunities.

The three hubs are:

Society and Welfare Hub

Economies, Mind & Technologies Hub

People and Place Hub



Human Geography, Environment & Urban Planning



Language Based Area Studies & International Development

Socio-Legal Studies & Criminology

Accounting, Finance, Business & Management

Social Anthropology

Health, Families, Relationships & Demographic Change

Science, Technology & Innovation Studies, & Communication Studies

Politics & International Relations

Social Work & Social Policy


Economic & Social History

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