The SGSSS is committed to providing high quality advanced training in research methods and transferable skills to postgraduate students. There is an annual budget of £20,000. To support this endeavour, we have an Advanced Training Fund (ATF) which supports advanced and specialist training events organised by pathways and/or hosted at our partner universities. The ATF can be used to cover travel, accommodation and related logistical costs.

The competition for 2018/19 is now OPEN.

The deadline for submission is 4pm on Tuesday 3rd July. It is expected that all events funded in the 2018/19 competition will take place between October 2018 - September 2019 (inclusive). Decisions will be made within 3 weeks of the deadline and communicated to applicants by the end of July 2018. 

We will repeat the ATF each year. Pathways given funding in 2017/18, may wish to think about repeating the event. In addition, other pathways, can now plan a submission with a clearer idea of the timeline.


Early June - 2018/19 competition launched 

Early July - Deadline for applications to the 2018/19 ATF

By end of July - Decisions made and communicated to applicants

Proposed events should be designed with reference to SGSSS' Vision as noted in the Guidance below. 

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