The SGSSS is committed to providing high quality advanced training in research methods and transferable skills to postgraduate students. There is an annual budget of £20,000. To support this endeavour, we have an Advanced Training Fund (ATF) which supports advanced and specialist training events organised by pathways and/or hosted at our partner universities. The ATF can be used to cover travel, accommodation and related logistical costs.

The competition for 2017/18 events is now closed.

We will repeat the ATF each year, and the competition will run again this June (deadlines to be finalised), with events able to happen between August 2019-July 2019 (inclusive). Thus pathways given funding in 2017/18, may wish to think about repeating the event, or developing a new event next year (2018/19). In addition, other pathways, can now plan a submission with a clearer idea of the timeline.

Proposed events should be designed with reference to SGSSS' Vision as noted in the Guidance below. 

Last updated 25 Jan 2018 3:02pm