Date and Time
20th Nov 2015 09:30 –– 20th Nov 2015 17:50
University of Glasgow

As part of the training provisions offered by the Human Geography Subject Pathway of the SGSSS - which includes the annual 'Kindrogan' residential event, alongside other bespoke events - we run an annual 1-day event, hosted by the Human Geography Research Group (HGRG) in the School of Geographical and Earth Science at the University of Glasgow, designed for relatively new PhD researchers in human geography from across Scotland.  The event offers hands-on workshops, with plenty of opportunity for interaction and discussion, together with some short presentations from HGRG staff and senior postgraduates.  Specifically, the event focuses upon: the motivations for undertaking PhD research in human geography; the logic and practice of literature reviews in PhD research, including advice on building up profiles of academic geographers whose work is being reviewed; the challenge of specifying and appreciating the value of a 'geographical' perspective in PhD research; the diversity of arrangements and possibilities for developing impact/knowledge exchange of/in PhD research; the craft and practice of writing in different modes and for different audiences during the PhD, with special attention to 'blogging'; and, more broadly, PhD human geography cohort-building activities.



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