Date and Time
1st May 2014 09:00 –– 2nd May 2014 17:00
University of Edinburgh
Event description

This workshop will take the format of a series of short lectures interspersed with small group working and discussions. The focus is on both on knowledge and skill building, and throughout the process engages the participant to share their own experiences and how they want to apply their learning. 

During the course you will learn:


-Reasons why you might want to undertake a synthesis of qualitative research

-Different types of synthesis


Methods for a synthesis of qualitative studies

How to:

- devise a good review question

- develop inclusion/exclusion criteria

-  search for studies

- apply the inclusion criteria

- extract data

- quality appraise

- analysis and synthesis (different approaches including thematic synthesis and meta-ethnography)

The course will have a mixture of teaching and practical skill sessions with an emphasis on shared learning, and the development of a set of skills that  should enable to undertake a review.


Level of prior learning required: it would be useful if participants had an understanding of either qualitative research, or systematic literature searching.

The organiser of this event is Ruth Jepson and further questions can be directed to her at

Students without pre-existing sources of funding for travel can apply for travel expenses to be reimbursed after the event.

Event registration

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