Date and Time
19th May 2014 09:30 –– 19th May 2014 17:30
University of Glasgow

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science welcomes postgraduate research students to the following advanced training event:


Normativity in Practice: complications and problems

19 May 2014

University of Glasgow


The event forms a follow-up to a prior training day organized by University of Glasgow and funded by the SGS-DTC, Normativity and Taking Sides in Social Research (6.11.13). During the initial event a number of problems and questions were identified in connection with operating from a normative basis during social research. After consultation with attendees it was clear that there exists a strong desire to examine these issues in greater depth. This event therefore provides space not only for extending these conversations but also for raising a few specific, widely-applicable topics and exploring them in detail.

Based on this, the event is intended for social science PGR students across Scotland, and the UK more widely, including,€“ but not limited to, the attendees of the original event. No prior knowledge of the first training day will be presumed and all attendees will be given guidance for preparation on registration. Following discussion with attendees at the first event, there was a desire to avoid the presenter/audience dichotomy; as such students will be asked to bring questions, problems and discussion material/ideas. Instead of presenting these, they will form the basis of in-depth discussion which is facilitated by academic staff who will make up panels€™ throughout the day.

No knowledge past PhD-level study will be assumed. The content will be sociologically-oriented but acknowledging and engaging with other disciplinary perspectives. As such the training is appropriate for those outside sociology, as well as sociologists using alternative disciplinary perspectives.

The training event is structured as a series of workshops led by invited academics, the topics of which were discussed with attendees from the first event. A session focusing on normativity and inter/cross/multi-disciplinarity allows students to tackle conflicting ontological and epistemological issues of taking a normative stance whilst also crossing or merging disciplinary boundaries. Equally, it will provide space to discuss conflicts or contradictions in perspectives arising from working in tandem with academia and outside organizations (charities, NGOs, government departments etc.). A second session explores practical issues of teaching and normativity including problems in making teaching value-free, whether teaching should be value-free, and the relationship between teaching as public academia™ and the negotiation between normative and value-free spaces that this entails. A final roundtable session will give opportunity to make links between topics, and for attendees to raise any further questions arising.

The event contact is Dr Matt Dawson,

Students without pre-existing sources of funding for travel can apply for travel expenses to be reimbursed after the event.

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