Date and Time
23rd Jan 2014 09:00 –– 23rd Jan 2014 17:00
University of Glasgow
The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science welcomes postgraduate research students to the following advanced training event:
Event description
The event will bring together different practitioners, academics from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and pathway students.
Firstly, there will be a talk from an established academic in the field, eg Professor Andrew Cumbers, University of Glasgow has agreed to give a paper around energy and independence based around a report for the Jimmy Reid Foundation. Two students from the pathway will be invited to act as discussants for this talk and to use this as a starting point for thinking about contemporary issues in relation to Environment, Climate Change and Energy.
Secondly, the central activity of the day will be a world café event. This will bring together PhD students, academic staff from across the pathway together with practitioners with relevant expertise. This session will offer advanced training and insights into the practices by which different stakeholders produce and negotiate environmental knowledges. Students on the pathway will be encouraged to act as facilitators of this event and through doing so will develop key skills in brokering between different actors. The world café is a conversational participatory process centred around key questions. In this event these questions will bear on the different languages and approaches used by different stakeholders in relation to Environment, Climate Change and Energy.

The organiser of this event is David Featherstone and further questions can be directed to him at Rooms will be announced closer to the event.

Students without pre-existing sources of funding for travel can apply for travel expenses to be reimbursed after the event.


Details on how to get to the campus can be found here:


Event booking

To book a place please go to Eventbrite.  

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