Date and Time
3rd Oct 2013 12:00 –– 4th Oct 2013 17:00
University of Strathclyde

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science in association with the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics welcomes postgraduate research students to the following advanced training event

Event description

This is an event that underpins a wide range of pathways to knowledge exchange. It is a comprehensive approach to understanding how to properly understand evidence in social sciences and how to draw correct conclusions from that evidence.The intended audience is PhD students in economics and other social sciences who have desire to understand the logic underlying modern methods of programme and policy evaluation. The focus is primarily on how to apply these methods, which from a statistical point of view are not overly complicated. The event will consist of six modules presented by Professor Jochen Kluve, Humboldt University, Berlin. A background in regression analysis is required.



Registration for this event along with programme and location details can be found through Eventbrite

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