Date and Time
23rd May 2013 09:30 –– 23rd May 2013 17:00
University of Edinburgh

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science welcomes postgraduate research students to the following advanced training event.

Augmented reality or AR means tagging real world spaces and objects with virtual information. The viewer sees the information overlaid on the real world image though a device like an iPhone or Google Glass. It is a development that has wide potential in research and teaching but has had relatively low application outside task specific dedicated systems.

The day will have four workshops. Speakers will be invited from the National eInfrastructure for Social Simulation project in Manchester and the Edinburgh College of Art. Pathway personnel from Stirling and Edinburgh will lead with involvement from other institutions as desired.

Prior experience with AR is not going to be required though a familiarity with the area of digital cultures and research will be helpful.

1. Introduction to AR: A demonstration of AR technologies and the environments in which they are used.
This session will demonstrate the current applications of AR, covering tourist, entertainment, sport, social network, medical, surveillance, military and museum exhibit uses. It will show the different technologies that are used such as Aurasma, HUD, and spatial augmented reality.
2. What use is AR in research? Gathering and using AR data
This session will examine how AR can be used to gather sociological data, and how AR can be researched as a combined virtual/real world environment.It will consider issues of access, ethics, informationalisation, embedding, storying/memorialization, interdisciplinary working, and how to construct an AR environment for research.
3. AR in and out of the classroom: Using AR to teach and getting students involved
The session will present findings from the use of AR in the University of Edinburgh Sociology 1 course and discuss how to use AR in classes, libraries, study rooms and other sites. It will examine the use of AR in assessment and the reactions of students and teaching staff to it, how to use AR in simulations, and how AR links with virtual learning environments.
4. Using AR in knowledge exchange: A workshop where students will experiment with the use of AR to communicate research findings and involve research users

Who should attend?
The workshop will be of use to students planning to use AR in their PhDs and their careers. Some may use AR as a research method for their PhD; as a teaching tool; or to demonstrate their findings. Experience with this method will be very attractive to employers inside and outside academia.

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