Advanced Training 

The SGSSS is committed to providing high quality advanced training (AT) in research methods to postgraduate students in the social sciences. Events can take place throughout the year and throughout Scotland and are open to post-doctoral students at any Scottish institution of higher education irrespective of their funding. All events are free to attend, and we can reimburse travel if the training is located more than 50 miles from your home institution.

The list of events is populated from students’ Training Needs Analyses. We collect these from your institution annually, and where training gaps are identified, we aim to fill these with this programme of events and with our Summer School programme.

Tickets for events are booked via Eventbrite and each event will be open to bookings around 3 weeks before the event is scheduled to happen.

Upcoming Advanced Training opportunities 2018

Event Type Details Where / When
Workshop Ethics in the Field 8th Mar 2018 (N/A)
University of West of Scotland
Workshop Doing Research with Social Media Content 12th Mar 2018 11:00 (5 hours)
Postgraduate Research Zone, The Library, University of Stirling
Workshop Ethics in the Field 19th Apr 2018 (N/A)
University of West of Scotland
Workshop Deeper Divergences: Combining Research Methodologies and Fieldwork in International Relations 24th Apr 2018 09:30 (1 day, 7 hours and 30 minutes)
University of St Andrews
Workshop Epidemiology as Secondary Data 10th May 2018 10:30 (5 hours)
Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee

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