The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is a unique collaboration between 16 Universities in Scotland. By working together with partner institutions, we are able to create world-class research training opportunities and to make them available to all doctoral students in the social sciences. We also provide pathways with funding to support the development of training through the Advanced Training Fund.

SGSSS offers students access to research expertise across Scotland, in disciplines across social sciences, as well as in subjects where social scientists are collaborating with colleagues from other disciplines such as arts, humanities, medicine and the natural/physical sciences.

Advanced Training simply means training, in addition to the core methods training that you will have received during your Masters year. It will include methods, training that helps you get ready for work, training that helps you better understand theory, and training that helps you develop as a leader in your disciplinary area.

Our training provision includes: 

Please review our sample training journeys for a sense of the opportunities available to our students:

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