Being an International Social Sciences Student in Scotland 

Scotland is a fantastic place to study social sciences. The country is arguably the birthplace of modern sociology and anthropology, and of course of one of the fathers of economics, Adam Smith. Scottish universities remain some of the best in the world for studying the social sciences, from anthropology to economics, human geography to psychology, and sociology to politics. We also excel in providing cutting edge interdisciplinary opportunities for postgraduate study. 

Going to a new country to study is a very significant thing to do, with different culture, sometimes also a different language and new ways of learning and teaching. The 16 universities that are part of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science are very welcoming places.

SGSSS provides further opportunities to settle in and make new friends and connections, for example, at its annual summer school and throughout its advanced training programme.  Please have a look at those areas within our website for more information on these opportunities. 

Some international students may also apply for our internship opportunities although please take care to examine the eligibility criteria as there are some students who cannot apply for a number of reasons.

SGSSS has created this short film to show how rewarding PhD study in Scotland has been for three of our social sciences students.  

Destination Scotland: The place to be for your PhD from SocSci Scotland on Vimeo.

Last updated 24 Mar 2016 11:50am