The ESRC are funding up to five longitudinal fellowships, who will be based at CLOSER in London, with time also spent at one of the eight CLOSER UK longitudinal studies as well as an overseas study.

The Longitudinal Studies Fellowships are designed to provide Fellows with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of UK and international longitudinal studies and their respective environments, and to develop an understanding of the issues and opportunities involved in research that looks across and between studies in different countries within a development context. Longitudinal Studies Fellows will spend time at one or more UK CLOSER studies, as appropriate to their fellowship, and at CLOSER to build a well-networked cohort of fellows. Fellows will also be expected to spend time with relevant overseas studies and/or stakeholders.

In terms of eligibility, applicants must have graduated with PhDs from the research organisation(s) (RO) which make up the DTCs participating in the pilot GCRF Fellowship Scheme (the South West, North West, Oxford, Bloomsbury or UCL, and Scottish DTCs) or those universities that host CLOSER studies: Bristol, Essex and Southampton. The closing date is the same as the general GCRF call (ie 9 Sept).

Full details can be found on CLOSER’s website:

Last updated 3 Aug 2016 2:48pm