In 2011 the ESRC launched its network of Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs), now known as Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs). The network comprises 14 DTPs spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

The DTP scheme is designed to concentrate support for UK postgraduate research training in a small number of centres. Each one will combine high quality training in research methods and transferable skills, excellent supervision, and a strategic approach to the development of postgraduate research provision.

The overall aim of the network is to support postgraduate training to help ensure the flow of highly qualified people into research careers.

The ESRC DTPs cover the full range of social science disciplines as well as areas of interdisciplinary research. The DTPs were accredited as ESRC training providers following a competitive peer review process and they have provided clear evidence that they can deliver the highest quality training provision.

The ESRC monitors and evaluates its DTPs in a number of ways:

  • ESRC Case Officers support and monitor the performance of the DTPs.
  • Annual Reports are required to be submitted to the ESRC by each DTP within the network.
  • DTP Visits are conducted by ESRC officials and accompany the annual reports.
  • Network Evaluation is conducted by the ESRC, through which all DTP allocations are reviewed against disciplinary benchmarks.

More information on the monitoring and support mechanisms of the ESRC can be found here.

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