The pathway consists of the Sociology units of the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Stirling, and Stirling Film, Media and Journalism. Each of the members provides both subject-specific and advanced training.

PhD training is structured around a 1+3 full-time (or 2+6 part-time) arrangement with an MSc in the first year. Students with adequate MSc training are able to go directly into the PhD in a +3/+6 arrangement.

The pathway is part of the Scottish Sociology Consortium, along with the 8 other institutions teaching sociology in Scotland. Experts in these institutions will contribute to advanced shared pathway training, and students from them will be able to access pathway training. The pathway will also draw on UK and international expertise through a series of planned collaborations, building on our recognised UK and global prestige.

ESRC-funded studentships in Sociology are available at the following institutions. Please contact the relevant institutional representative for further information:

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