Politics and International Relations (PIR)

The Politics and International Relations (PIR) pathway brings together four HEIs and comprises the Politics and/or International Relations (IR) disciplinary units at Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde. The participating units are recognised for their research excellence and provide high-quality theoretical and methodological training for research students. Pathway members have a leading role in several research institutes and research centres that engage in cutting edge research on the most pressing political issues of our time at local, national, and international levels. These groupings are inherently interdisciplinary and include, for example, the Handa Centre for Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and the Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies at St Andrews; the Academy of Government and the Centre for Security Research at Edinburgh; the European Policies Research Centre and the International Public Policy Institute at Strathclyde; and the Glasgow Human Rights Network, the Glasgow Global Security Network and the Urban Big Data Centre, at Glasgow.

ESRC-funded studentships in Politics and International Relations are available at the following institutions. Please contact the relevant institutional representative for further information:

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