Research in Education employs a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, drawn from both disciplinary and interdisciplinary traditions. It addresses questions regarding education systems and contexts across the entire life course and a wide range of substantive areas of enquiry such as: pedagogy, curriculum and assessment, education policy, educational technology, social exclusion/inclusion and equity issues. The Education pathway comprises six Scottish institutions.

The pathway provides a high quality environment for core and advanced doctoral training in educational research based on a critical mass of recognised educational research excellence and an explicit commitment to contributing to ongoing capacity building in Scotland. The Pathway has extensive experience of collaboration in research capacity building. The pathway brings together complementary strengths across the six universities in terms of expertise in research methodology and methods, theory, and a range of substantive areas of research.

The pathway offers core training in the methods and methodologies of social and behavioural research and in transferable skills, combined with subject specific core and advanced training that pays explicit attention to the distinctive character of educational research.

ESRC-funded studentships in Education are available at the following institutions. Please contact the relevant institutional representative for further information: 

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