Noor SaeedNoor Saeed 

Noor Saeed is a doctoral candidate at Department of Geography & Sustainable Development and is supported by 600th Anniversary Scholarship by University of St Andrews. He is interested in social and spatial inequalities, spatial analysis, GIS and Health Geography. For his PhD, Noor is analysing geographical variations in morbidity and mortality across Scotland. Noor completed his master degrees in Environmental Engineering and another master, MSc in GIS from the University of Leicester UK (Won Academic Awards: AGI, ESRI, EuroMicrovision, National Youth). In the past, Noor worked for the Automobile Association UK (involved in producing Road Map Atlas for Great Britain 2009), the Rural Pavement Agency UK, TNT Post UK Ltd, RPS Energy UK and Associate Research Fellow post for the University of Exeter (UK), on Scottish funded project EDPHiS ( Environmental Determinants of Public Health in Scotland).

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