Here are some views from students (and supervisors) on how they have perceived the SGSSS collaborative internship experience. 

On working with the internship organisation 

"Everything was great. Personally I have learned a lot about the workings of the government, having met people from a variety of policy areas. I was able to meet a variety of people working on/interested in wellbeing. And it was a fantastic experience of doing a project with a quick turnaround."

"I was looking forward to taking on a new project unrelated to my PhD and getting a sense of how research is used in government, particularly its relationship with policy decisions. I expected that developing my knowledge of how such processes work might support me in the future in promoting the impact of my own research, whether in academia or elsewhere." 

On working with a new team

"My line-manager was incredibly supportive while at the same time giving me the freedom to get on with the project."

"It has also been interesting writing a report 'as the organisation' rather than as myself, and the change in thinking this entails. Related to this, it has been interesting to experience the negotiation process that takes place with such a report, as different stakeholders in the research have different opinions and ideas of how the report should look."

On how the internship has given ideas for the future...

"I believe the internship has given me a valuable insight into work at the Scottish Government. Overall, it has encouraged me to pursue future work opportunities here and I believe increased my chances of securing any which arise." 

"It has been extremely beneficial learning something of how the government/civil service functions in general. I possibly see myself working in something to do with wellbeing in policy in the future, whether in or outside the government. But the knowledge I have gained in the past months has been valuable for this." 

…and value for the present 

"...the experience has re-energised me for the PhD. I further realised how rare it is in life that you get the opportunity to do something entirely that you want, and that I should appreciate as much as possible the chance to do this PhD." 

What the supervisors say

"It's a competitive world out there for young researchers and having an internship with the Scottish Government I feel gives those that take it as an opportunity to discover research life outside academia but also demonstrates their ability to engage with research in the policy world"  

"My student has come back from the Internship with renewed enthusiasm for the PhD, s/he enjoyed the experience and benefited from being in an environment where people are actively using the skills and knowledge they acquired during their PhDs. S/he is now very well informed about the focus topic of the internship (policy on smoking cessation) and the internship was with a government department that my student is interested working in after completion so the networking has been invaluable." 


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