Scottish Graduate School of Social Science


Psychology is the study of human behaviour, essential to understanding individuals and societies. Scottish psychological research is internationally influential in advancing the understanding of behaviour and the application of that knowledge to important societal issues. Each of the institutions below currently provides ESRC accredited training for postgraduate psychology students in a research-rich environment, with particular strengths in cognition, ageing and health, and the self and groups in society.

Psychology research is highly interdisciplinary, and researchers and students from the pathway participants already benefit from links with a wide range of disciplines across national and international institutions. A particular strength of the pathway participants is the Advanced Quantitative Methods training, which is applied to a wide range of social science issues addressing cross-disciplinary themes. All four institutions have links with SINAPSE, the Scottish Imaging Network, promoting interdisciplinary research on the brain and behaviour, and three have access to their own imaging centres.

Modern psychology is strongly interdisciplinary in nature, and so tends to require specialised training in a wide range of research-topic specific methodologies. Students gain access to specialised training early through a 1+3 system, with foundational instruction at level 1 and a continued but thinner and more tailored thread of core skills training throughout the +3 years.

ESRC-funded studentships in Psychology are available at the following institutions. Please contact the relevant institutional representative for further information: