Scottish Graduate School of Social Science

Economic and Social History

The Economic and Social History pathway represents the historical approach to the social sciences.  As such, it encompasses a very wide array of intellectual approaches and brings the particular rigour and demands of historical enquiry to a range of social science methodologies.

The pathway builds on established cooperation, in particular between the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, and the advanced training component is nested securely in the Scottish Graduate School in the Social Sciences.  At the core training stage, the pathway has a two-centre model, based at Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The pathway then moves outwards from these two centres to incorporate excellence in social science history throughout Scotland.

Specific courses included in this pathway include the MScs run as part of the current consortium: Global Economy and History (Social Sciences) at the University of Glasgow, and the MSc in Social History run jointly by the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde.  The MRes in Economic and Social History and the MSc in Landscape, Environment and History at the University of Edinburgh are also included.  PhD supervision will then be offered and is available at any of the other institutions included in this pathway, depending on the specific focus of the doctoral study. 

ESRC-funded PhD studentships in Economic and Social History are available at the following institutions. Please contact the relevant institutional representative for further information: